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In the Spotlight: Techstars Music Accelerator

Sunday night’s Grammy’s brought together some of the most talented artists of the 21st century. Just as the Grammy’s aims to recognize and promote the brand of celebrities in the music industry, Techstars Music Accelerator is looking to acknowledge, promote, and mentor the next cohort of companies in music technology. Techstars Music Accelerator, founded through…

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Cyndx Insights: Automated Delivery Industry

In light of Softbank’s recent investment of $940M into Robo-Delivery startup, Nuro, it can be seen that major investors are becoming increasingly interested in alternate applications of self-driving or automated technologies. Using Cyndx Finder, we wanted to investigate the automated delivery market in order to understand the dispersion of market players, whom the leading investors…

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Cyndx Insights: Slack and Confidential IPOs

SEC Confidential Filings For companies with less than $1 Billion in annual revenue, confidential IPOs afford firms to receive feedback from the SEC and subsets of investors prior to a global analysis. Not only is the information kept private from the public (most importantly the media and competitors), the company need only submit 2 years…

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Cyndx Company Spotlight: Facebook

Facebook: Cyndx Company Spotlight When Mark Zuckerberg launched the social network “The Facebook” in Harvard’s dormitories in 2004, few suspected the site would reach the coups it has. Now, as arguably one of largest corporations in the world, with over 1.5Billion daily active users, “Facebook” (renamed in 2005) has globalized opinions and connected the world.…

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The Virtual and Augmented Reality Market

Introduction & Definitions While virtual and augmented reality’s spectacular capabilities have drawn the attention of technology enthusiasts globally, the public generally overlooks the serious business potential of the products. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) leverage similar technologies to present a user with sensory stimuli that create a perceived change in environment. Virtual reality…

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Cyndx Finder: Discover the World of Private Companies

Cyndx Finder modernizes and streamlines company research and sourcing by providing access to the global universe of companies, broken down by intelligent and similarity searching. The process of conducting due diligence on companies and management teams is taxing. The first step, company sourcing and information collection, often takes weeks of work, a team of analysts,…

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Cyndx Announces Investment by Rakuten Capital

Funding to accelerate product development and support global expansion NEW YORK, NY – Cyndx Holdings LLC (“Cyndx”) today announced that Rakuten Capital, the investment arm of global innovation leader Rakuten, Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, is making an investment into Cyndx and its subsidiaries, Cyndx Networks LLC and CDX Advisors LLC. The investment will help Cyndx…

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