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Farming and Blockchain

  Sector Analysis Agricultural traditions occupy a stronghold globally, and as the world faces food shortages and complaints are made against inefficient use of land, understanding how new age technologies such as blockchain are revolutionizing the farming sector could help in addressing some issues faced around the world. An overview of the smart-farming landscape, analyzed…

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AR and Retail

Apple’s ARKIT and Google’s ARCore augmented reality have made retail enhanced AR experiences a reality. Brands and software developers are working together to find ways to bring technology to traditional brick and mortar retail.  Whether it’s augmented showrooms or at shelf product enhancements, AR can facilitate the delivery of information, advertising and turn retail into…

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Google: Breaking into a $140bn Industry

Tech behemoths such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft dominate a wide variety of markets. Now, in a recent announcement, it’s expected that Google will soon be entering a new industry after years of planning and strategic effort: video games. Stadia, announced Tuesday March 19th 2019, aims to disrupt the $140bn video game industry by allowing…

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Charity and Cryptocurrency

Humanitarian efforts using cryptocurrency have becoming increasingly popular and are allowing for simple and efficient transmission of funds overseas with fewer intermediary parties. The emergence of cryptocurrency is also enabling banking services to those people in third world countries who have not been serviced by traditional banking in the past. We take a look at…

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AI + Advertising

As the digital realm continues to dominate and attract a greater share of advertising revenues, so does the need for intelligent and targeted advertising to provide brands with precision waste-free targeting and greater ROI. Most modern digital advertising techniques today implement AI tools to reduce costs and remain programmatic and relevant to consumers.  Today marketers…

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Cyndx Insights: Sustainable Energy & Biotech

Renewable and sustainable energy are at the forefront of global discussion as the resources for traditional fuels are becoming scarce and expensive. With advancements in biotechnology, the alternative approaches to fuel and energy could lie within the agricultural and biochemical industries. We take a look at the activity in the sector and who’s taking a…

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