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Graphic: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock Launched in 2014, Casper, a company specializing in custom multilayer foam mattresses, recently reached a $1.1bn valuation, and is expected to IPO later this year. Casper takes advantage over the recent Direct-to-Consumer trend. Casper ships mattresses to consumers nationwide, each mattress ranging between $350 and $2,750. As the company looms…

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Graphic: Sudowoodo/Shutterstock Sector Analysis   Mindfulness, an act of focusing on the self and self-awareness, is rapidly gaining traction in the market in both capital raises and acquisitions. Empowered through technology, wearables, and the general push toward awareness in health, mindfulness companies are becoming more prevalent across the US and overseas. To understand the landscape…

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Cyndx 3.0 Makes it Even Easier to Quickly Find the Next Unicorn

Cyndx, the leading investment search and discovery tool, today announced the launch of Cyndx 3.0 to incorporate precision filtering and collaborative toolkits into the world’s most comprehensive investment search platform.   Using artificial intelligence and semantic processing, Cyndx analyzes textual data from more than 7.3 million companies and 1.4 million transactions. Cyndx provides a complete set of…

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Cyndx CEO discusses IPO market for Lyft, Pinterest, and Zoom

Cyndx CEO, Jim McVeigh, joined Liz Claman on Fox Business News to discuss the current IPO market. Liz and Jim discussed the position of Lyft on the stock market and the longterm stock movement and momentum, rather than the short-term price fluctuations. From here, the two discussed the upcoming Pinterest and Zoom IPOs. Watch the…

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Farming and Blockchain

Graphic: Magic Pictures/Shutterstock   Sector Analysis Agricultural traditions occupy a stronghold globally, and as the world faces food shortages and complaints are made against inefficient use of land, understanding how new age technologies such as blockchain are revolutionizing the farming sector could help in addressing some issues faced around the world. An overview of the…

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