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23andMe, the genetics-to-customer as a service company, recently received a $300M equity investment from GlaxoSmithKline. The terms of the investment mention a 4 year collaboration whereby the firms will split costs and profits equally.  With this new injection of capital, 23andMe plans to utilize genetic data to find new drug targets and better select patients for clinical studies.

23andMe has over 5 million customers, over 80% of whom have agreed to let their genetic data be used for research, who have sent in samples that will be used to analyze genetic changes at 700,000 different locations in their genomes. Consumers get basic information about some genetic and genomic differences and as well as learning about their ancestry. In return, 23andMe gains a vast trove of genetic information.


Cyndx Finder Comparables:

These comparable companies have been generated using Cyndx Finder, a tool for Private Equity firms, Venture Capital Firms, and Investment Banks to analyze the entire Private Company universe and identify the most relevant and appropriate opportunities for acquisitions or market analysis.


Color operates as a non-invasive genetic testing service that focuses on detecting hereditary cancers and unlocking novel insights into an individual’s health


uBiome utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and sequence human microbiome to identify an individual’s potential conditions or health risks.


Caligenix is genetic testing service that offers insights into personalized nutrition for sport, wellness, and skin-care.


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