Cyndx Advisors LLC provides strategic advisory and capital raising services to both public and private growth companies as well as private funds. Cyndx Advisors is a registered broker-dealer with both the SEC and FINRA.

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Cyndx Networks is a secure cloud-based platform enabling financial institutions to obtain curated information about institutional investors to enhance their capital and strategic advisory marketing efforts.

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Jim McVeigh

Founder / CEO

William Rosenberg


Robert Lagay

General Counsel

Zach Bruhnke


Board of Directors

Robert Altman

Chairman & CEO Zenimax Media

Chuck Davis

CEO, Prodege LLC/

Artie Minson

CFO, WeWork

George Scanlon

Former CEO, Fidelity National Financial

Rocco Commisso

CEO, Mediacom

Stefan Winners

Member of the Executive Board, Burda Media

Tim Yates

Board Member and Investor

Advisory Board

Amit Jain

CEO, Bridg

Wayne Pace

Former CFO, Time Warner

Dylan Ratigan

Former MSNBC Host

Bruce Reddit

EVP, Omnicon Group

Gideon Yu

Co-owner, San Francisco 49ers

Ben Elowitz

Former CEO, Blue Nile

Dan Rosensweig

CEO, Chegg

Cyndx Holdco LLC (“Cyndx”) is a Delaware limited liability company. Cyndx Networks LLC (“Networks”) and Cyndx Advisors LLC (“Advisors”) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Cyndx. Advisors is a Broker-Dealer registered with the SEC and is awaiting FINRA membership. All Securities transactions are effected through Advisors


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